Website Launched

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Curious what you’ve stumbled upon here? Let us fill you in…
First, take a look at the mission:

The Mission -

Kevin Smith made a bold move and decided to self-distribute his latest film RED STATE. One of his fans called this movement PUNK ROCK FILMMAKING. That is exactly what it is and Kevin Smith is right, the world has changed; the internet has given us all a means to reach out to the world, but showing our films in front of a traditional audience has become much harder, even seeming impossible to some. BUT…

Welcome to Indie Film 2.0

as the immensely inspiring Kevin Smith put it.

This website will be used as a tool to feed information to members of the public who really don’t want to see another shitty Hollywood movie, but rather something original, something made by people who not only make movies, but love them as well.

There are a million stories out there that you will never hear. We hope to change that.


This website will give you updates on films that you want to see. We’ll give you the trailers and the info that you want to follow. We’ll even point you over to the filmmaker’s websites to make sure you don’t miss a thing.